Our Past Employment Opportunities Explained - NOT CURRENTLY HIRING ANYONE until future notice

Due to the US Economy & other reasons!

Why Be a Camp Counselor (at Camp Catherine Capers or any other camp that is certified by the American Camping Associatoin... and what did it take to dedicate your summer to help campers, be all they can be, as campers?

Being a camp counselor is an opportunity to experience a family style community with people from all over the world.  Children respect you as an authority in your program area as well as being a role model for becoming a young adult.

While enjoying this experience, you will strengthen your resume as well. You will gain experience working with diverse groups, working as part of a team, practicing being a leader and sharing that responsibility with others. Your safety awareness, knowledge of group dynamics, and child growth and development will only be strengthened by your experience as a camp counselor. Your interaction with campers and their parents will enhance your presentation skills, and affect the camps  marketing directly in the number of your campers returning the following year.

Some counselors also gain college credit by arranging internships or independent study credit with their professors that utilize their camp experience.

Camp will also help you obtain valuable certifications prior to camp. If Camp Catherine Capers requests that you obtain a certification it will pay half of the tuition. If you return as a counselor camp will pay you the other half as well.

Of course while you are at camp, you will make friends with other staff and enjoy the use of camp equipment within activity rules and permissions. These experiences often create a lifelong network of friends and support all around the world!

What is Expected of a Camp Counselor?

We are looking for counselors who smile easily and have the maturity to:

1.) Live up to their commitments with the camp, campers and themselves.

2.) Teach by promoting interest and fun with progressions for achievement. Be comfortable doing daily chores and capers WITH the campers.

3.) Have the ability to encourage, guide camper leadership & spontaneity.

4.) Present awareness and appreciation for nature and conservation.

5.) Be at peace with themselves. Have reflective, effective listening skills.

6.) Comply with all of Camp Catherine Capers Personnell Manual standards

ALL are considered General Counselors with ability to lead and ability to follow. All, except coordinators, live in and are responsible  for  4 to 5 campers in our large cabins or tents. All have early morning responsibilities of pasture supervision or breakfast preparation, clean up, tent check and program equipment readiness.

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