Of course, we don't need this page for this year...  so, if you want to contact us there is a link below.    We used this page to Help You Enroll Your Daughter in Camp, or for any other forms (clothing lists, medical forms, etc) and information.

We asked that you please click on the corresponding link (none listed now).   In order to have viewed our forms, and for many others on the internet, you would need to down load "Adobe Reader" so we provided a link to help you - if you don't have it then you can still use this link, so please click here to link to the "Adobe Reader" website. 

Do give us a call or email if you have any other questions.   We have taken the application form off the web site for 2008 as application for enrollment is now closed.

Call or Contact us - if you need a missing or lost camper form... we can fax or email it to you asap.