Here is what we offered in the past
during JUNE...

Ah - If you JOINED US FOR FUN or our Certified Horsemanship Clinics IN JUNE!
JUNE IN VERMONT MEANT EARLY SUMMER FUN AND GREAT RIDING WEATHER FOR CAMPERS.    For Adults - there were also separate VERY EARLY in JUNE riding opportunities - that did not overlap with the regular "camper" sessions!  And there were the CHA Riding Instructor Certification Clinic! (A 2008 Clinic is in the works... see this LINK below for another option or site foryou to attend this year

Hopefully we will see you again someday in another year... for another CHA Certification Clinic.


Pick From The Many Ways You Can Start Your Summer...
In the past, this program was always FULL:

"Learn to be a certified CHA instructor:"

---> JUNE -  CHA  Instructor Certification Clinics

We can't count the numbers of folks who attended our CHA Clinics and were certified...
Our  CHA Instructor Clinics were for those who want to improve their teaching skills and obatin certfication.  We have been a host site for over 30 years.  Each participant is supplied with a horse and Western or Englsh tack.  Clinic includes all CHA Manuals , room and board.


---> THRU the years... Camp Catherine Capers enjoyed a prestigious reputation.  Its leadership was been outstanding for over 50 years.  All instructors were certified with CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) with over 60 years of combined teaching experience. -- Maybe someday again we can have this fun together!

We would like to thank the 2007
June Riding Instructor Team:

Chirs Mattsson
returns to direct the Catherine Capers Riding and Horsemanship programs!   Chris enjoys teaching riders of all abilities and brings years of experience to each rider along with a winning smile and fun.  Chirs holds a Bachelor of Animal Science Degree in Pre Vet studies and a Masters  degree in Education.  She has her CHA Masters Instructor Rating and  also is an Assistant Clinic Instructor with CHA.  In the winter, Chris is a professional snowboarding coach and a judge at the national level.

Lisa Davidson  is a Master Level CHA Instructor, an eventer, and recently spent a week working with David and Karen O'Connor.

Karen Gwozdz  is a seasoned riding instructor, specializing in dressage.  She holds her Masschusetts license and has worked  with riders such as Chris Hinkley and Sue Blinks.  Karen currently operates a farm specializing in breeding German ponies.

We are very sorry that our JUNE SESSIONS will not be available for 2008...  - ask us about the future some day and get on our email list fr the heck of it!   And we will let you know what the future might be, when it arrives!

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